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      Christine Veres

      I have a client who, as an infant, had eczema. She has had the odd reoccurrence just around her eyes during the winter months. After her last treatment with me (Tx.#8), she is experiencing a severe flare-up on her face and scalp (never has been this bad before). It started on her left side (eye) and is left side dominant. The majority of her PR’s are left sided. Is this her body’s way of detoxifying?

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      Christine Veres

      This client is 54 years old.

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      Hi Christine,

      Yes, this is likely a detox reaction. She should probably be seeing a naturopath as well. Has the reaction subsided at all?

      Dr. Roth

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      Christine Veres

      This flare-up is the worst she has ever experienced. She has been using homeopathics to support her system, but it got so bad she needed to get some steroid cream. After 2 weeks of using the steroid cream, it has finally started to improve. She still has lesions on her scalp but the discomfort is less. This severe flare-up started Dec. 13/18 and I received a text from her yesterday (Jan. 1/19) that lesions still present on scalp but discomfort improved with the steroid cream.

      She is asking if there have been any other reported cases like hers?

      Thanks Dr. Roth.


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      Lisa Raine

      I had a similar thing happen with a client after treatment. She wanted to try Matrix Repatterning to see if her hearing might improve in her left ear, having experienced hearing loss after a viral infection as a child.

      The next morning following treatment, she woke up with a full body rash and flu like symptoms. This lasted for a week and I saw her for her next appointment 2 weeks after that. We continued Matrix for 4 more treatments. She did not experience any more noticeable detox symptoms, her hearing did not noticably improve; however, her general levels of anxiety lessoned significantly and continue to.

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