December 2020 Webinar

0:02:22             Videos that became available on student portal this month

0:04:00             Manual updates

0:05:45             Discussing containment, what your are working with, understanding tensegrity, review of tensegrity

0:07:55             Lecture by Stephen Levin,

0:09:50             Auxetic principle

0:11:40             Fascia, auxetic principle and injury

0:14:10             Why understanding biotensegrity is important to the application of Matrix Repatterning

0:16:00             Sol-gel state of tissue: Strolling under the skin, Jean-Claude Guimberteau

0:24:50             Extracellular matrix principles, Alfred Pischinger

0:28:13             Review of the pelvis

0:37:17             Discuss/review hierarchy

0:40:04             Review of requirements – case studies

0:43:30             Thixotropic materials

0:47:25             Neurological influence of injuries

0:53:50             Discussion of bone structure

0:56:46             Spinal stenosis – how successful can Matrix Repatterning treatment be?

1:01:05             Next Skills Accelerator – January 13, 2021