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Are you checking for this critical restriction pattern?

Are You Checking for THIS Critical Restriction Pattern?  This video touches on a very significant clinical complex that almost no one is looking at. This is a condition that everyone has, while some have extreme issues even from before they are born.On a two dimensional x-ray, this is most mistaken as an abnormal curvature of […]

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Biotensegrity Matrix – Impossible Outcomes in Your Practice – Chapter One

Dr. George Roth DC ND CMRP Are you passionate about evidence-based therapies that can take your patients further faster, for longer?My lifelong pursuit has been to find answers to questions such as:-       Why do pain patterns return over and over in the same way?-       Why does asymmetry in structure, tone, and function occur?-       Why does the enlarged side of asymmetry correlate […]

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Cranial Distortions

This video was recorded at a recent Matrix Repatterning  Seminar.For more information, or to enrol in an upcoming event, click below. Register for the Foundation Seminar Note: Eligibility to participate in any paid Matrix Repatterning education program requires the practitioner to hold a valid license, in good standing,  in one of the following designations: DC, […]

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[Video Workshop] Advanced Joint Stability Testing – Knees, Hips, Low Back, and Shoulders

In my experience, true ligament tears are extremely rare.However, the diagnosis of ligament tear is extremely common.This may explain why we often see a discrepancy between imaging (ligament tear) and surgical reports (NO tear found).What’s going on here? Why are most positive knee instability tests being falsely labeled as ligament failure?Many years ago, I discovered that certain neurological […]

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The American Chiropractor Podcast Discussing Matrix Repatterning

Jaclyn, Dr. Busch and the team at The American Chiropractor publications are responsible for spreading the word on innovation in the Chiropractic community and I am grateful to be a contributor on these important platforms.Our journey continues on the new TAC-TIC-TALK podcast that recently launched.In this podcast, we bridge the gap between many components of, science, […]

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