Special Presentation 

Low Back Pain Resolved

This demonstration will show you how to find, confirm, and resolve the underlying cause of chronic low back pain in your chiropractic practice.



Matrix Repatterning is a groundbreaking manual therapy that restores well being to incredible levels, even for many challenging conditions. This clinically-proven, science based method can facilitate the restoration of muscle tone, flexibility, joint mobility, and relieve a wide spectrum of conditions.

Challenging Conditions

Profound Outcomes

Dr. Andrew Stella DC CMRP

“Matrix Repatterning has changed my life and my career. It is the most powerful clinical approach I have ever come across, and I will never go back to the old way of doing things.”

Karen Fairbrass PT CMRP

During my career as a physiotherapist, I have searched for the most effective, lasting treatment for my patients. Matrix Repatterning was the missing piece of the puzzle which has allowed me to take my practice to the next level.