How Pelvic Concussions are Affecting your Patients

When the force of a significant fall or impact enters the body, the densest structures will absorb the energy.

Therefore the denser the structure is, the more vulnerable the structure is to sustain a significant injury.

The densest structures in the body are the fluid filled organs which include the areas of the cranium, the spinal cord, the trunk (heart, liver, spleen, and sometimes stomach) and the pelvic floor.

There is little understanding and little desire within the profit hungry medical industrial complex to gain a deep understanding of how imbalance occurs in the body or how to fix the source of the problem.

As manual therapists, we have a great opportunity here. With my practice, I take it as a great responsibility to contribute to an ever evolving level of care that gets straight to the source of the problem and avoid endless treatments of symptoms.

As you have found yourself on my email list, I am sure seeking evidence of what is true and delivering breakthroughs for your patients is your passion too.

In terms of any of the fluid filled areas of the body, imagine those areas as like a water balloon hitting the floor. The fluid (mostly water) is so dense that it can only cause the balloon to distort outward in a sort of explosive wave of energy.

These internal injuries affect the fascia surrounding and distort the bony framework such as the pelvis, spine, rib cage and cranium in a permanent way.

Certified Matrix Repatterning Practitioners spend most of time in clinic assessing for and restoring bone structures. We find that addressing the bone structures first drastically reduces and more often eliminated the need for ongoing treatments of symptoms.

If you are interested in learning more about resolving a lifetime of injuries throughout the body, I invite you to view a free introductory video series here:

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George Roth, DC, ND, CMRP

Dr. Roth is a graduate of the University of Toronto, Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College and the Ontario College of Naturopathic Medicine and has studied osteopathic medicine at Doctors' Hospital North, Columbus, Ohio. He is the developer of Matrix Repatterning and is the Director of Education at the Matrix Institute in Toronto. Dr. Roth has presented seminars at numerous hospital and university‐based symposia throughout North America. He is the co‐author, with Kerry D’Ambrogio PT, of Positional Release Therapy (Elsevier, 1997), and the author of The Matrix Repatterning Program for Pain Relief (New Harbinger, 2005). His work is also featured in the Brain’s Way of Healing, by Dr. Norman Doidge (Penguin, 2015).