Genetic Expression

 Would you expect conventional manual therapies to permanently reverse rare and poorly understood conditions like facial blindness, a degenerative bone disease known as fibrous dysostosis, or the genetic condition ankylosing spondylosis?Early in my education, I realized that it was quite an effort just to improve symptoms, even for common back and joint pain. I was […]

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A Physical Therapists’ Perspective with Dr. Debora Chassé

For more information, or to enroll in an upcoming event, click below. Register for the Foundation Seminar Note: Eligibility to participate in any paid Matrix Repatterning education program requires the practitioner to hold a valid license, in good standing,  in one of the following designations: DC, PT, RMT**, DO, OT, MD, ND*, NP, DVM,, NP, […]

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The Biotensegrity Matrix, A New Paradigm in Health Care

A New Paradigm in Health Care The Biotensegrity Matrixthe Fabric of Life By George B. Roth, B.Sc., D.C., N.D. dr. stephen levinIn 1993, I met Dr. Stephen Levin, an orthopedic surgeon. We were both teaching at a physical medicine conference at a university in Toronto. His lecture described a new, radical theory that the body […]

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How Pelvic Concussions are Affecting your Patients

When the force of a significant fall or impact enters the body, the densest structures will absorb the energy.Therefore the denser the structure is, the more vulnerable the structure is to sustain a significant injury.The densest structures in the body are the fluid filled organs which include the areas of the cranium, the spinal cord, the […]

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Patient Assessment – Whole Body Electrosomagram

When the doctor wants to assess your heart, he/she will use an electrocardiogram.But what happens when you assess the electrical system of the entire body?In this video, you can see how we kicked off the Foundation Seminar last month.James had a number of injuries that he wasn’t aware of. With objective measurable improvements, he could […]

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When Less is More – Precise Gentle Treatments for Deeper Results

Many therapies utilize aggressive techniques in an attempt force tissues to mobilize. The problem is that there are even stronger tension patterns, that are often the body’s protective mechanism, that are keeping those tissues locked up. With these extreme tension patterns, the common assumption is that it should require a lot of force to undo the injuries […]

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