Biotensegrity Matrix – Impossible Outcomes in Your Practice – Chapter One

Dr. George Roth DC ND CMRP

Are you passionate about evidence-based therapies that can take your patients further faster, for longer?

My lifelong pursuit has been to find answers to questions such as:

-       Why do pain patterns return over and over in the same way?

-       Why does asymmetry in structure, tone, and function occur?

-       Why does the enlarged side of asymmetry correlate with injury?

-       And most of all, how can I create deeper and longer lasting outcomes?

Unlocking the Secrets of Anatomy

My exploration took me across the spectrum of existing therapy, to the frontiers, and beyond.

After finding the answers I was seeking and much more, I was teaching therapies that were reproducible and profound, based on clinical evidence and cellular theory.

Those theories are now proven science!

Matrix Repatterning is applied anatomy. If the goal is to find and resolve the source of restriction, we need to start with the building blocks, molecules and cells.

This is the first post in the "Impossible" series to share with you the breakthrough concepts that can take you straight to the true source of injury and provide confidence in consistently resolving many "impossible" conditions on "impossible" timelines.

Based on cellular research, we now know that all life forms have a protein scaffold inside every cell that actually resembles a geodesic frame, called the cytoskeleton or intracellular matrix.

Between cells, this framework continues as the extracellular matrix, to create one continuous fabric throughout the body, referred to as Biotensegrity.

Due to the nature of a tensegrity structure, injuries produce restriction that are distributed throughout the structure.

This distribution of tension allows the force to partially dissipate away from the site where the impact was absorbed. This distribution of tension is a benefit, until a threshold is reached in the structure, which starts to cause problems.

If these problems occur over time, this tension accumulation can often be perceived as "aging" as more restriction is added into the body with the mishaps of life.

In other patients, a single event can cause "irreparable" damage in a moment.

Microscopic evidence showing the geodesic nature of the cellular frame.

What if we could permanently remove these patterns of tensegrity restriction from a lifetime of injury, one by one?

The answer is, when you stop treating symptoms and start treating the true source of the problem,

…patients feel and act younger, often to a profound level, with drastically reduced or no need for ongoing maintenance therapy.

This approach to therapy creates unexpected and wonderful outcomes each day, which creates a small army of ambassadors for how Matrix Repatterning is needed in your community.

Next, word gets out to the many who have been "around the block" and are still suffering, that there are real solutions available to resolve their painful and limiting conditions.

Word of mouth can create a prosperous and rewarding practice as it has done for hundreds of practitioners who are achieving outcomes that they didn’t think was possible.

At least they didn’t think it was possible until they started applying this treatment system that takes the whole body, and these new scientific discoveries into account.

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George Roth, DC, ND, CMRP

Dr. Roth is a graduate of the University of Toronto, Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College and the Ontario College of Naturopathic Medicine and has studied osteopathic medicine at Doctors' Hospital North, Columbus, Ohio. He is the developer of Matrix Repatterning and is the Director of Education at the Matrix Institute in Toronto. Dr. Roth has presented seminars at numerous hospital and university‐based symposia throughout North America. He is the co‐author, with Kerry D’Ambrogio PT, of Positional Release Therapy (Elsevier, 1997), and the author of The Matrix Repatterning Program for Pain Relief (New Harbinger, 2005). His work is also featured in the Brain’s Way of Healing, by Dr. Norman Doidge (Penguin, 2015).

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