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Freda Yako Malott

Those post treatment symptoms are not unusual, but not frequent. How did she feel after the third day? I have had only one or two clients experience vomitting after their first treatment, or have odd bowel movements. Some clients do feel strong flu-like symptoms or strong muscular discomfort. It is difficult to assess if you did the treatment “correctly”, as it can be a matter of subjective interpretation and experience that would guide the practitioner. You can reassure her that it may have been too much for her at the time, and perhaps you could treat her in shorter treatment sessions until you feel that her body can handle bigger changes. Did the umbilicus come up as a primary the first time, or only after you treated the cranium and cspine? I also think that you should listen to her body and trust your intuition to help guide you with the treatment. Please keep us updated if you have any other issues.