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Freda Yako Malott

Hi Jenny,
I typically encourage people to not pursue other manual therapies early in their course of MR treatments… instead to concentrate on rest, drinking water & natural movement like walking or relaxation yoga… I explain that MR aims to release tension from the body, so that healing process is re-established & that other therapies, while they do have their place, and strenuous exercise, can add tension back into the body, which is counterproductive… once they are well on their way & perhaps no longer having MR weekly, then they can add chiro/RMT/PT back in, but to please allow 3 days after MR before having those treatments… I have had a few patients that have chosen to continue with other treatments & usually they don’t feel so great… way over stimulated. On the other hand, for a few long term patients, I will do an adjustment after MR & it usually goes really easily!! But, I only do this if they are otherwise stable cases, really just in for maintenance. Hope this is of some help to you!
Enid Kennedy, DC, CMRP