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Andrea Lorentz

I can personally attest that even our current technology is harmful. Oliver discovered that I was Electrically Hypersensitive (EHS) during treatment with him, and now that I know that it has explained all of my health problems since 2007. I have to use the Pulsed Electromagnetic Field (PEMF) device with the varying programs full time otherwise my ovarian cyst of 3+ years, breathing difficulty, throat closing, nose running/sneezing for 3 hours every morning, headaches, itchy skin, IBS, extreme fatigue, waking throughout the night return. It is night and day, especially if I am out in public in wifi and cell signals. 5G is absolutely causing health issues in people worldwide – people have had nightly nosebleeds on streets where it has been installed, a woman in Australia watched with her contractor as they were turning it on in her street and bees fell to the ground and couldn’t navigate.
Watch ‘Resonance Beings of Frequency’ on Vimeo.
Hospitals are installing 5G and effectively poisoning patients.The covid symptoms are not flu like, especially as reported in NYC. The doctors there are saying it is like people are on top of Mt Everest, they cannot carry oxygen and putting people on respirators are actually harmful. The other symptoms, attacking organs, especially kidneys, coagulation problems leading to strokes even in young people…all things caused by EMFs.