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Nadya Bell

Hi Elsie,

Yes, I with the excellent help of Oliver, I have created a number of charting modules that I put together for each session: A general Assessment and Treatment master chart (Subjective findings, consent, etc.), an infectious disease screen (Mandatory for the SARS CoV-2 situation…), MATRIX JPG, a slightly modified version of the assessment/treatment chart, and a Treatment response section. Depending on the situation, I also have a Registered Massage Therapy section, and a Sensitive Area / Oral treatment consent. Most are public on the Jane database if you search for Matrix, so feel free to use and improve!

In theory, this is everything I need to do wonderful charts. In practice, there are a few issues – the first of which is definitely my own challenges in learning the Matrix assessment and re-assessment process. I’m getting there, but it takes time.

I have also discovered that the Jane charting needs constant internet access in order to function, and that the internet service in my treatment room is not sufficient. So much for the ipad charting during treatment, but also good that there is less EMF radiation in the room! So for the past while I have been filling my charts after treatment in the staff room, or taking a few notes on paper in between.

However, once having done some assessment worthy of recording, it is tricky to remember the numbers on all the ranges of motion after the treatment in over, and I really don’t want to be dealing with more paper garbage with people’s confidential info on it that I need to shred… So my latest solution: the Matrix Whiteboard!

With some plastic board and clear whiteboard sticker, I have made a whiteboard out of the standard Matrix assessment/treatment chart. We shall see how it goes with this and a nice fine whiteboard marker, I’ll let you know if it works!

Also, I should mention that I have done a Jane version of the Matrix Intake form that I can now email to people before they come in for treatment, and a Report of Findings charting module that I can create, export as a PDF and email to the client afterwards.

The last charting issue to address is a release of medical information form for the purposes of the Matrix certification, so I am hoping that the institute will provide us with some further direction on that matter.

Good luck – we all need it!