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Tamara Brady

I am thrilled with my Vintex covered bolsters and pillows!!
Patients are fine with them against their skin, and most of the time they are against their clothing anyways. It is so much easier and faster than fussing with the covers! Infection prevention and control measures are taking so much longer, it is such a breath of fresh air to have something that takes less time and is easier. Even a pleasure to use them as handy tools to spread the disinfectant spray all over the table. 🙂

I was able to get them covered by a local seamstress in Milton who is usually busy with wedding dresses and she did them very reasonably for me – and rushed so I could have them for Monday. She did just single stitching, so no inner seams, but I’m happy and hopeful they will be durable. I provided the fabric and she provided the zippers and thread:
$20 each for the large Matrix bolster with end zippers
$15 each for the small Matrix bolsters with end zips.

She just made them and I had to stuff them. I tried just dumping the buckwheat in, but because I don’t trust the zipper not to leak, and I could feel the buckwheat bits underway hands, I prefer to have the cotton bolster inside – so did the ship in the bottle thing to fill it after putting the mostly empty bolster inside the cover.

She also made:
$25 each for Standard pillow cases with end zips
$30 for a large folding triangular foam bolster 12″ x 26″ x 30″
$20 each for 12″x6″ bolsters no zip
$15 for a large foam bolster no zip

She said I could share her contact info: Halle Lynne Designs, Milton. Halle Fletcher, 416-700-9033 Maybe if she has enough inquiries she will buy an order of Vintex fabric.

It feels good to be back in the clinic.

Good luck everyone.

Happy Tam 🙂