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Tamara Brady

Okay for you detail geeks out there:

The Vintex fabric is very flexible and relatively thin: V-Care821 is 6.2 oz – textured side is a circular weave for tensile strength resistance, the shiny side is more abrasion resistant and likely would stain less readily. It comes in white or a medium blue colour. It comes in 100 meter rolls, but occasionally they have smaller quantities available. Special COVID “gown pricing” until the pandemic is over: $1.95/metre (reg price $2.54) for the 36″ wide width, and $3.88/metre (reg price $5.08/metre) for 72″ width.
Anyone who wants complete specs details or certification or wants to order (If you find an upholsterer or sewer who wants to invest in large quantity) Call Vintex at 877-486-0880. Shannon is sales rep I talked with at ext 392.