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      Marielle Baer

      Is there any way a matrix treatment could cause hypothyroidism? I didn’t see a client for three weeks after treatment and when he returned he said he felt terrible, headache (I had worked on his head and neck that treatment) and shortness of breath going up stairs and had heart palpitations when lying down.
      He is 42. And fit
      I asked if he had a fever , no.
      I asked if he had a chest x-ray, it was negative. He was going to have blood work done the next day.

      I scanned, treated his chest and two days later I asked about his heart palpitations. They were gone. His chest tightness was better but he said his pec still felt tight on his left.

      Then he wrote today (fve days later) that his blood work shows hypothyroidism.

      Could the work I did on his head and neck cause his thyroid gland to malfunction?


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      Freda YM

      Hi Marielle. I apologize for the delay, there was slight confusion about monitoring the forum. I will have Dr Roth follow up with your experience.

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