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      Joshua Sharp

      I have been in practice for over 17 years. I do a lot of traditional chiropractic, nutrition, and family practice type of things in my office. I have been exploring the possibility of moving to a new city to be closer to family. With the move, it would be a good chance to re-invent myself. I would like to do more Matrix Rep. and nutrition and less chiropractic, but I am not sure how to fully make the switch. Thankfully, I have been seeing more and more Matrix patients in my current practice, but it probably is about 10% right now. It is hard to schedule people for 45 minute appointments when I have a busy chiro practice with 15 minute appointment times and I am mostly fully booked. If anyone has had experience with moving and starting a new office, changing from chiropractic to Matrix, I would love to hear from you. Thank you and God bless!

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