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      Elsie Dyck

      Good evening,
      I just saw this forum topic, and I really just wanted to encourage all practitioners.

      I have seen some clients that have been to other practitioners and then come to see me (say if they were visiting a friend in my town and needed help). I very quickly realized that the person still had no clue what MR is all about. After explaining what I could, she had a completely different understanding and was more encouraged to continue treatments with her other practitioner.

      From the onset, I have set out to make sure that clients understand from the beginning how different this is. Otherwise, I have found they don’t stick around long enough to experience the difference.

      A big thank you to Dr. Andy Stella who has helped me to shorten my “speech”. But anything helps. If you can answer these questions, you’re set in helping your clients get the big picture. USE PICTURES and more PICTURES (eg. water barrels under a bridge).

      1) what happens to the body upon injury (especially separating impact affecting dense structures more than others and the purpose of other structures like fascia, tendons, ligaments, muscle..etc)

      2) Why symptoms and pain tend to fluctuate and why we can’t chase them or treat them.

      3) What are we doing to the body during treatment? (eg. Containment pressure inviting the body to come back to a more normal shape according to its DNA structure)

      4) What are we expecting to happen as a practitioner? Possible hindrances, side effects, goals/ideals, process, etc.

      Stick to your guns. Trust that our bodies are created to heal themselves. Confidence in understanding how the body behaves, not arrogance in ourselves, is key to helping shape our technique and draw you to a place of success.

      Any thoughts?

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