Rotator cuff problem resolved after years of suffering

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      Genie Bright

      This was actually a success story with my husband, Daniel who was suffering with rotator cuff problems – the supraspintus had posed a problem for a couple of years with intermittent And severe pain episodes when driving or playing guitar (professional musician). As well, he couldn’t sleep on his right side because it aggravated the pain. I had tried everything In my tool box as a massage therapist and had been going slowly through practicing MR with him as I was learning The various techniques. I had treated his ribs/spine, cranium, teeth and pelvis and was feeling discouraged because none of that was helping. One day while visiting his family, I decided to treat his actual shoulder to practice what I had just learned in the course. PR’s showed up on his left scapula. After the 5 minute treatment he got up, moved his shoulder around and said the pain was gone. It has been over a year now and he has never had a problem since. Years of pain and it vanished after the one treatment on his actual shoulder.

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      Freda Yako Malott

      That is soooo fantastic Genie. And also a reminder that sometimes the problem is local! Remember to keep an open mind and follow the structural and objective tests. Great job, now he understands that you can really help people out!!

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