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      Tamara Brady

      Waterproof covers for bolsters and pillows:

      As I am preparing for re-opening my practice, like many of you, with very strict guidelines on what we can and can not have in our treatment rooms. I thought this forum might be the best place to share information between all CMRP students and CMRPs in terms of how we are going to move forward, with the possibility of not being able to use our cotton bolsters, unless they are covered with a fabric that can be disinfected. I am pricing out contacting textile manufacturers as well as sewers / manufacturers of pillows and am pretty excited.

      For those of you who have purchased the buckwheat pillow from Dr. Roth, (21″ x 11″ arched pillow) the manufacturer does have vinyl covers available for those pillows! When I get the price I will post it here. They do not have waterproof covers for the bolsters.

      Vinyl is such a heavy, hard to work with fabric, we will be hard pressed to find anyone who could actually make a cover for our tiny bolsters. Vinyl is so thick and hard to grip and feel through it is not ideal. There are solutions!

      There is a product from a company in Mount Forest, Vintex, called V-Care 821. It has been certified for level 3 gowns – for hospital use – water impermeable for 20 washes. Right now there is a “gown pricing special” on the fabric. It comes in 100 meter rolls, but occasionally they have smaller quantities available. I am familiar with this product from the baby products I used to sell. It is used for the multipurpose pad to change diapers on and also the mattress protector. It is hospital grade and very durable, but thin. It is a bit slippery, but I think it will work for what we need and a far superior alternative to vinyl.

      I am hopeful that by posting this here, we can share information and save each other a lot of work / calling / researching.

      Please post any other information you feel might be helpful. Maybe together we can get these large and small bolster covers made for everyone who wants them.

      Tamara Brady, Milton, Ontario

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      Suzanne Howell

      Thank you for sharing your thoughts and ideas. I had asked previously if we could purchase additional bolster covers ( prior to the CMTO draft recommendations) and was looking into making something simple to change between clients.

      Now that it has to be sealed and able to be cleaned and disinfected, my short term solution is to pop the small bolsters into a ziplock freezer bag. I would replace the large bolster with a rolled towel for now.

      I would be interested in seeing a fabric sample and learning what the costs would be to have them made. Thanks for your initiave!

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      Tamara Brady

      Thank you Suzanne for engaging in this discussion! I hope others will post their thoughts and research info as well.

      After getting the bolsters covered with a wipeable sealed fabric, I am still going to use a fresh cloth cover to make it more comfortable.
      From experience and talking with other practitioners there have been a few solutions. Some practitioners use disposable rectangles. I had rectangular cloths cut from sheets (best fabric price was to cut up sheets) but they are tricky to use because they fall off easily as compared to using microfibre cloths. Microfibre cloths stick to themselves a bit and are more cost effective. Saying that, it will be interesting to see which is better over the waterproof fabric! Everything might be slippery. I just know I prefer the feel of cloth over a potentially sticky cool vinyl-like fabric on my skin.

      stay tuned!

      – Tamara

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      Mike Grafstein

      Great idea with zipper bags. Possibly vinyl pillows??? Next do we know if the Matrix Magnets can handle disinfect??? or do they go into plastic zip bags. Thank you Tamara and Suzanne.

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      Tamara Brady

      Hi Mike,

      From Oliver’s guidance, I have been washing my scanners with soap and water along with my hands at the end of each treatment.


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      Mike Grafstein

      Hi Tamara,
      Awesome! hope things are going well for you!

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      Tamara Brady

      Thanks Mike, and for you too!

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      Jenny Jenner

      I was lucky enough to have a cousin make me vinyl covers for the bolsters, he also made vinyl pillow cases. I would ask anyone that does upholstery.

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      Suzanne Howell

      I have always been washing my scanners between clients, but wondered if they would hold up. Also the material will break from repeated pulling apart if you always stack them. I try to keep mine separate as much as possible.

      As for cloth covers over vinyl,I am trying to decide cost vs time. Sewing bolster covers or buying inexpensive wine bottle cloth bags 😏

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      Tamara Brady

      Hi Jenny,

      Do use the vinyl against the skin or are you covering with a cloth? Just wondering how your clients like it best.

      Also, did you cousin basically re- make the bolster with vinyl or make a bag? Zipper or Velcro ? How is it working?


      Hi Suzanne,

      If you send me your address I can send you a sample of the Vintex Fabric.

      Now that I have it in hand, I am thinking I can use it against their skin. I am debating which side out to have to bolsters made. The smooth side is a bit cool and clammy against the skin but some actually like the cool feeling. The fabric side is softer and actually dries quite quickly- it waterproof but textured.

      For a cover, I do find a rectangular price of fabric fast to change between patients.


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      Tamara Brady

      Okay for you detail geeks out there:

      The Vintex fabric is very flexible and relatively thin: V-Care821 is 6.2 oz – textured side is a circular weave for tensile strength resistance, the shiny side is more abrasion resistant and likely would stain less readily. It comes in white or a medium blue colour. It comes in 100 meter rolls, but occasionally they have smaller quantities available. Special COVID “gown pricing” until the pandemic is over: $1.95/metre (reg price $2.54) for the 36″ wide width, and $3.88/metre (reg price $5.08/metre) for 72″ width.
      Anyone who wants complete specs details or certification or wants to order (If you find an upholsterer or sewer who wants to invest in large quantity) Call Vintex at 877-486-0880. Shannon is sales rep I talked with at ext 392.

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      Christine Veres

      I have been chatting with this company and this is what I found out:

      Company – High Seas Upholstery – Hamilton, Ontario

      Vinyl pillow covers:

      19” x 27” – $40.00 each


      20” x 7” – $40.00 each
      10” x 4” – $30.00 each
      12” x 6” – $32.00 each

      Wedge Pillows:

      12” – $60.00
      10” – $50.00

      Group discount:

      This company offers a 10% discount for orders of 10 items or more. Plus, free expedited parcel shipping with tracking # and insurance.

      For orders of 10 vinyl covers shipping tends to be around $40.00 ( company covers this cost )

      This company also does massage table covers – $180.00 before group discount

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      Tamara Brady

      I am thrilled with my Vintex covered bolsters and pillows!!
      Patients are fine with them against their skin, and most of the time they are against their clothing anyways. It is so much easier and faster than fussing with the covers! Infection prevention and control measures are taking so much longer, it is such a breath of fresh air to have something that takes less time and is easier. Even a pleasure to use them as handy tools to spread the disinfectant spray all over the table. πŸ™‚

      I was able to get them covered by a local seamstress in Milton who is usually busy with wedding dresses and she did them very reasonably for me – and rushed so I could have them for Monday. She did just single stitching, so no inner seams, but I’m happy and hopeful they will be durable. I provided the fabric and she provided the zippers and thread:
      $20 each for the large Matrix bolster with end zippers
      $15 each for the small Matrix bolsters with end zips.

      She just made them and I had to stuff them. I tried just dumping the buckwheat in, but because I don’t trust the zipper not to leak, and I could feel the buckwheat bits underway hands, I prefer to have the cotton bolster inside – so did the ship in the bottle thing to fill it after putting the mostly empty bolster inside the cover.

      She also made:
      $25 each for Standard pillow cases with end zips
      $30 for a large folding triangular foam bolster 12″ x 26″ x 30″
      $20 each for 12″x6″ bolsters no zip
      $15 for a large foam bolster no zip

      She said I could share her contact info: Halle Lynne Designs, Milton. Halle Fletcher, 416-700-9033 Maybe if she has enough inquiries she will buy an order of Vintex fabric.

      It feels good to be back in the clinic.

      Good luck everyone.

      Happy Tam πŸ™‚

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