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      Suzanne Howell

      I have a client who has been living with migraines for the past 33 years. She takes a daily cocktail of 3 medications just to manage the constant headaches. After 8 treatments she is happy to report for the very first time she took ZERO medications. She is quite pleased with the progress to date. She has tried “everything” ( chiro, massage, medication, specialists, botox injections…) in the past to try and alleviate the migraines with no real change and is amazed that not only has Matrix helped with the migraines, but she has also reported her IBS has improved as well.

      On a side note, as a clinician I am very grateful to have found a method of practice where I can feel confident I can offer people relief. It is also pleasure to hear from clients on a regular basis how they have found hope and light where they once felt resigned to the pain and discomfort.

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      Freda Yako Malott

      That is fantastic Suzanne! I’m sure that it is very gratifying to know that all the hard work and learning that you have put in so far is bringing you success so quickly. This is only the beginning! There will be many more success stories for you.

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