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      Nadya Bell

      Hi Folks!
      Do we have any videos or documents for the public on Matrix Repatterning for Cardiac issues? Unfortunately it is an area of great need right now, and it would be great to help people learn more about the treatment options available. Specifically, I am looking for information relating to treatment for Angina, and arythmia of the mitral valve (low ejection fraction).
      I do have some great basic science research into static magnetic field treatment for blood pressure regulation, if anyone is interested, but nothing as far as clinical trials.

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      Clare Larkin

      Hi Nadya,
      Just wanted to let you know that I am looking into this on behalf of the Matrix Institute. I will get back to you with any information I may find. In the meantime, I have found that using the information in the videos and the manual and treating the cardiac fascia, supporting ligaments and thoracic structures is quite helpful in improving cardiac conditions. Also, due to scope of practice laws, it is best to shy away from stating we “treat’ specific conditions, even if the application of MR seems to lead to their improvement.
      The information on magnetic field treatment for BP regulation sounds interesting. Can you share a link?
      Peace to you!
      Clare Larkin

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      Joshua Sharp

      Dr. Jeremy Schiermeyer has a protocol that he developed that seems to be helping some. He is using two sets of magnets and making sure that all areas of the heart clear out with every strength of magnet and every combination. This means that you start by checking the heart with the weakest to see if there is any response. If so treat until it is gone. Then move to the next strongest setting and so on and so forth until you are using all 4 magnets at once to make sure it completely clears out. Seems to have helped some of my patients as well.

      Joshua Sharp, DC CMRP

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