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      Christine Veres

      What other therapies are ok to receive while doing MR? Is dry needling ok? Is Chiropractic adjustments the only treatment to stay away from?

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      Jessica Alguire

      I have a patient who sees another practitioner for acupuncture on the same days she has Matrix done. She finds the combination works really well for her. In her case at least it doesn’t seem to matter which one she has done first to get the positive results.

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      I agree that acupuncture (NOT dry needling, which can be quite traumatic) would be OK. Gentle, relaxation massage is OK too.

      Dr. Roth

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      Christine Veres

      Thanks very much Jessica for sharing your experience with acupuncture.

      Thanks Dr. Roth for your guidance, I will let my client know.

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        Is it ok to treat someone who just had physiotherapy? That includes IMS.

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        Clare Larkin

        Hi Sarah,
        Yes, go ahead and treat that person. With Matrix, you are affecting the deep skeletal structure and removing restrictions that are in there. If they are having any kind of adverse reaction to the physiotherapy or IMS, or if they feel a little “spacey” or out of it, then maybe hold off and do MR on a different day.

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      Elsie Dyck

      Hi Christine, just saw your post.

      I’m always thinking of this. Something my clients tend to do while receiving MR is some form of nutritional help. Whether it is bio-energetic work, herbalist, naturopath, etc. As I have just read with “eczema outbreak”, nutritional help is good, because the body is going through all kinds of changes, and it could use assistance to help with this change.

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      Hello folks,

      Something to consider with many inflammatory, autoimmune conditions (eczema may be one expression), is the role of the microbiome and how it has been negatively impacted in recent years. Check the following links for some up-to-date info:

      Dr. Zach Bush, Microbial Imbalance, Glyphosate:
      Information about Dr. Bush:
      Lecture (be sure to watch to the very end):
      Supplement Information:

      Dr. Roth

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      Mike Grafstein

      I have found that both acupuncture and Laser Therapy from another practitioner is very complimentary to the Matrix Repatterning. I have also included Dolphin MPS from time to time with neck or headache issues.

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      Hi. I also use Dolphin MPS as well but haven’t tried it at the same time as Matrix Repatterning but it seems to be helping my client with MS as she hasn’t been able to get up onto her treatment table lately due to the changes in weather. The MPS and matrix mag home kit have been a good alternative.

      Heidi McLarty, OT Reg. (Ont.).

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      Christine Reesor

      Has anyone had any experience with a client receiving prolotherapy (one injection every 3 weeks) and also having Matrix Repatterning? I have someone coming for initial evaluation for posterior leg pain b/l that starts in the buttocks. He has had prolotherapy months ago in his legs without success and now is trying it in the lower back area, but he also wants to try MR. He is 2 weeks beyond the first injection and coming for an evaluation. My intention was to evaluate and go from there. Thoughts?

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