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Are Dental Injuries Causing Recurring Pain Patterns in Your Patients?

Trauma to the face or teeth (including dental work) often causes persistent and far-reaching symptoms.The trigeminal nerve (CN 5) is the second largest nerve exiting the brain, only second to the spinal cord.Thus, its neurological ‘bandwidth’ is extremely high.Since the trigeminal nerve supplies the teeth, facial or dental trauma can produce a significant amount of sensory feedback.This […]

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Are you finding what 99%+ of practitioners are missing in patient assessments?

Current science tells us that that bone literally enlarges with impact and that everything in the body is interconnected through the cellular matrix. This has been completely overlooked by conventional therapies.  Every one of your patients has experienced impact injuries that have profoundly changed the biomechanics of their entire body, resulting in a wide range of […]

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In 1999, researchers at Yale University found that functional disorders caused by tension in the umbilicus to be very common with far reaching implications.Have you seen any of the above conditions in your patients without being sure where the source of the problem is?Chances are that this torsion pattern is a contributing factor.In the clinic, […]

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Matrix Repatterning for Pelvic Floor Dysfunction

This video with Dr. George Roth and Dr. Debora Chassé, outlines the assessment and treatment of pelvic floor dysfunction, utilizing the principles of Matrix Repatterning. It highlights the importance of injury to the osseous framework of the pelvis and how this can lead to many pelvic floor issues, such as incontinence, dysmenorrhea, erectile dysfunction and lower bowel issues, as well as low back pain. It also provides an overview of general Matrix Repatterning principles.

The video is a good review of clinical principles and may also be helpful in helping patients with pelvic floor dysfunction, understand how MR may be of value in their recovery.

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Bone: The Forgotten Fascial Element

Researchers at the University of California have recently discovered a mechanism within bone that causes it to enlarge and change its structure with injury. This breakthrough discovery puts an entirely new light on musculoskeletal disorders and many other conditions, such as concussion, motor vehicle collisions and sports injuries. THE IMPLICATIONS of this powerful new discovery, which […]

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Time for Chiropractic to Evolve?

Science or PhilosophyI recently searched the internet for scientific evidence to support chiropractic. To my dismay, almost every listing—page after discouraging page—was filled with negative reviews and commentary on the lack of scientific validation or measurable outcomes to support the basic tenets of our profession. At best, a few articles demonstrate a slim advantage for […]

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