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The Biotensegrity Matrix, A New Paradigm in Health Care

A New Paradigm in Health Care The Biotensegrity Matrixthe Fabric of Life By George B. Roth, B.Sc., D.C., N.D. dr. stephen levinIn 1993, I met Dr. Stephen Levin, an orthopedic surgeon. We were both teaching at a physical medicine conference at a university in Toronto. His lecture described a new, radical theory that the body […]

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Evidence of Bone Repair Using Matrix Repatterning A Case Report

Dr. George B. Roth, DC, ND, CMRP Oliver Hartan, RMT, CMRP ABSTRACT Case Study: A young girl presents with long‐standing non‐union of a surgically‐induced fracture of the right tibia and subsequent evidence of polyostotic fibrous dysplasia 1. This case outlines the effects of a brief intervention using Matrix Repatterning (see below under “Methods”). Methods: Matrix Repatterning uses a […]

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Bone: The Forgotten Fascial Element

Researchers at the University of California have recently discovered a mechanism within bone that causes it to enlarge and change its structure with injury. This breakthrough discovery puts an entirely new light on musculoskeletal disorders and many other conditions, such as concussion, motor vehicle collisions and sports injuries. THE IMPLICATIONS of this powerful new discovery, which […]

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Low Back Pain, Revisited

It’s been referred to as the scourge of modern man. The age‐old affliction of low back pain has likely been with us since we achieved the upright posture. Over the millennia, healers and practitioners of all stripes have grappled with this challenging condition… stretching, pummeling, cracking and even hacking, in order to alleviate the pain […]

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There Really is Help for Concussions

Even though I love chiropractic and I was very good at adjusting, it always bothered me that a big part of our practice model is the idea of creating patients for life. I knew we could bring people to an improved level of function but, to keep them there, it seemed that we were obliged […]

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Time for Chiropractic to Evolve?

Science or PhilosophyI recently searched the internet for scientific evidence to support chiropractic. To my dismay, almost every listing—page after discouraging page—was filled with negative reviews and commentary on the lack of scientific validation or measurable outcomes to support the basic tenets of our profession. At best, a few articles demonstrate a slim advantage for […]

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